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Aluminum Boat Tops with Canvas

Introducing a new range of Aluminum Boat Tops with Canvas available now at Hungaanu & Samugaa Shop.

No more trying to make SS Hard Tops and fitting canvases on it, with Aluminum Boat Tops you have different sizes available to make sure it will fit your boat no matter the width needed.

Prices as low as MVR 7,000/-

Sizes include; (Length x Width x Height )

- 8' x 61-66" x 54"

- 8' x 67-72" x 54"

- 8' x 73-78" x 54"

- 8' x 79-84" x 54"

- 8' x 85-90" x 54"

- 8' x 91-96" x 54"

- 8' x 97-103" x 54"

*Some colours and sizes are available on order.

- Click here to go to the Hungaanu Shop page

- Click here to go to the Samugaa Shop page

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