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Fiberglass Raw Materials & Accessories


Fiber Shop located near MPL was opened in 1994, as the main hub for the import & sale of Fiberglass Raw Materials & Related Accessories. It was the first shop of it's kind in Maldives, with sole distributorship rights to Asia's No. 1 Resin & Gelcoat brand SHCP.

If you are in Gdh. Thinadhoo you can also find a Fiber Shop outlet which established in 2012.

You can get the best quality SHCP Resin & Gelcoat, Taiwan E-Glass fiberglass mats, rollers, acetone, harder and many other related products here.

Featured Products

Taiwan Glass Fiberglass Mats

Leading Brand of Fiberglass Mats from Taiwan

We are exclusive distributors for Taiwan Glass Fiberglass Mats in Maldives.

You can find Chopped Strand Mats; 450 - 300 - 600gsm, Woven Roving (Sata Mat); 200 - 600 - 800gsm; Fabric Mat 200gsm and many more at our store.

SHCP Resins & Gelcoats

Singapore's Highest Quality Resin & Gelcoats

We are sole distributors of SHCP Resins & Gelcoats in Maldives. SHCP is among the first ever resins to be imported Maldives.

You can get ACETONE, ISO Gel Coats, Accelerator, Hardners & SHCP Resins at unbeatable prices at our store.

Rollers, Safety Wear & Other Products

All the products you need for your fiberglass building process

We have the complete range of Fiberglass related products to ensure your production or building process goes on smoothly.

Safety Goggles, Gloves, Different Sizes of Rollers, Finer Coat, Wax, Releasing Agent, Mirror Glaze Wax and many other products are available at our store.

Boat Buddy Products

Complete range of Boat Buddy cleaning products from UK

Boat Buddy boat care products deliver amazing results without the usual hard work. Easily remove  those pollution marks, yellow/brown waterline stains, soot and algae stains, exhaust stains, rust marks, lime scale etc.

Product range includes, Gel Coat Stain Remover, All Over Boat Wash, Boat Polish, Grunt Boat Cleaner, Premium Boat Wash with Polish, Super Stainless Cleaner & Interior Cleaner.

Visit our outlet or contact us to find out the complete range of available products

2/35 Boduthakurufaanumagu (Dhandehelu Hingun)

Maafannu, Male' Maldives

Phone - (960) 3318183

Fax - (960) 3318184

Mobile - (960) 7793695


Opening Hours

Saturday to Thursday



Closed on Friday

FIBER SHOP | +960 7793695

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