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Fiberglass Raw Materials & Accessories

Fiber Kits

This outlet was established in March 2014, to introduce a more affordable range of fiberglass raw materials that cater to the price conscious, due to increase in demand and competition in the market.

You can get your AIPOL Resin, Gelcoat & other related accessories here.

Featured Products


AIPOL Resin & Gelcoat

Affordable range of FRP Raw Materials imported from India

AIPOL Resin & Gelcoats are high quality products and much more affordable than the rest.

If you are planning on building a boat on a budget, AIPOL Resin & Gelcoats can save you money without comprise to your boat.


J&C Composite Fiberglass Mats

High Quality Fiberglass Mats from the Far-East

We are exlusive distributors of JC Fiberglass Mats in Maldives.

You can find Chopped Strand Mats; 450 - 300 - 600gsm, Woven Roving (Sata Mat); 200 - 600 - 800gsm; Fabric Mat 200gsm and many more at our store at the best prices.


Other Products

Wide range of FRP Raw Materials

In addition to Resin, Gelcoats & Mats, we also have Acetone, Hardners, Accelerators & Pigments that you can use in you Fiberglass manufacturing process.

Visit our outlet or contact us to find out the complete range of available products

No. 51 Boduthakurufaanumagu, Male', Maldives

(960) 3010797

Opening Hours

Saturday to Thursday



Closed on Friday

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